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Rock Shield – Guardian from Roadmaster

This rock shield, the Guardian, from Roadmaster provides a wonderful protection for your towed vehicle.  This rock shield Guardian prevents the thousands of dollars in damage to your vehicle caused by rocks and debris tossed up during the drive down the road. Protect your towed vehicle’s windshield, finish and resale value with this attractive towed car shield. This product is crafted from hollow rotationally molded high-impact polyethylene to absorb the the impact of rocks, gravel and road debris.

The center panel easily attaches to the tow bar mounting bracket. Connecting rods attach the two side panels. It can be removed in seconds. Fits all Roadmaster tow bars with Quick-Disconnects, including the Sterling, Falcon and Stowmaster.

For those who tow more than one car, the Second Vehicle Kit contains all the mounting hardware necessary to swap this product from one vehicle to another in a jiffy! (Call for more information on the second vehicle kit).

* This will not work with any MX or MS series brackets and will only work with brackets that utilize the Roadmaster Quick-Disconnects.