Dometic 15,000BTU With Ceiling Assembly


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Dometic 15,000BTU With Ceiling Assembly

Duo-Therm Brisk 2 Air Conditioners 1500BTU B59516.XX1JO With Ceiling Assembly

  • That comes with the upper unit and also inside ceiling assembly .
  • The electric heat option is sold separately . This is a non ducted unit
  • Revolutionary RV A/C Technology
  • ┬áDometic presents Brisk II – the stronger, lighter, smaller and more environmentally friendly RV air conditioner.
  • The Brisk II uses its smart design, tighter specification allowances and also improved materials to maximize air flow and performance.
  • This newest RV A/C unit offers a 15% air flow increase
  • is also 19% lighter than previous models, making it the smallest 15 k rooftop unit available.

  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • High-performance motor and fan
  • EPP foam housing reduces weight and also increases cooling performance
  • Press fit evaporator cover eliminates fasteners for improved service access
  • 3-inch deep-drawn G 90 carbon steel drain pan with powder-coated finish for durability
  • Larger air openings for improved air flow and cooling performance
  • Roll formed edges
  • Enclosed wrap-around base pan and shroud add strength and protect the coils
  • Rounded edges increase air flow
  • Fan motor dampening brackets reduce noise and vibration
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