Coleman-Mach True Air Residential Central Heating & Air Conditioning Thermostat – 6537-335


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The 6537-355 thermostat is intended for use with an RV Products 2 stage heat pump. The thermostat connects to the heat pump with a 9-pin plug through a lifeline. The OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) must supply the 12 VDC wiring and furnace control wiring that connects to the 3-pin plug. RV Products suggests the thermostat wiring be a minimum of 18 gauge. The furnace control circuit must not exceed 1 amp. The thermostat is equipped with a replaceable fast-acting 2 amp fuse located on the base of the thermostat. The fuse is designed to “open” if the furnace is incorrectly wired or there is a short in the system. Before replacing the fuse, the cause of the failure must be located and corrected.

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