ADCO POLAR WHITE COVERS ; Slip On; Single Tire ; Size 4; Tire Cover; Slip On; Fits 24 Inch To 26 Inch Diameter Tires; Vinyl; Set Of 2; 01-1106 3954


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We offer single wheel Tyre Gards in three colors. Polar White looks great on brand new vehicles and anything that is bright white. These are all sold in pairs. The Ultra Tyre Gard model features a patented Bungee-Ball rear fastening system with brass reinforced grommets. Never lose a Tyre Gard again to the wind.

  • Bungee Ball Locking System Allows For A Tailored Look And Eliminates Loss To Wind
  • Overlapping Seams, Double-Needle Stitching And Reinforced Grommets
  • Available In White And Black
  • Limited 3 Year Warranty